July 23, 2024

Samsung is the leading player in the field of mobile handsets. They are aggressive in their approach and want to deliver value for money. The Company is always delivering the best to their esteemed customers.

Samsung mobiles have launched a whole new series of mobile phones with high-tech features and proper battery back-up. Some of the latest Samsung mobiles have touch-screen facility also. Earlier only high-end mobiles had this touch screen facility, but now days, this facility is available in mid-segment mobiles also.

The Company has shown tremendous increase in the sales also. There is virtually no other Company which has revised the prices so much. All the Samsung mobiles are available at much lower cost as compared to their counterparts.

Samsung has introduced Guru as entry level mobile. This is unique in its way that it doesnt need to be recharged frequently. The mobiles USP has gained applauses for the handset and created a huge demand for the mobile phone. The Companys strategy to keep the price as low has led to better sales.

Why revision in prices?
The Company introduced a new policy of volume sales amongst its prime strategies. The volume sales can only be achieved through price revisions. This strategy has worked wonders for the Company and its products.

Capturing major market-share?
This is one of the most sought-after strategies to revise product-prices and capture market-share. When a Company revises its product-prices, then the major motive is to capture major market-share by lowering down prices and alluring customers. The price revision policy has led to better features at lesser prices.

Samsung has captured major market-share with this single policy. The products are heavily advertised and high-end features are introduced at much lower price.

samsung mobiles have created a market-niche with the help of its products price-revision. This strategy of price-revision has worked wonders for the group and led to the success of mobiles in this industry. No other Company could adapt to such measures for them. They have lagged behind in sales as well as market-share.

Samsung mobiles are the most sought-after and most talked-over mobile phones in their segment. Most customers compare their choice of product with Samsung mobile to opt for better one, as per them.