April 19, 2024

Someone has said that the truth is bitter. On the other hand there are people who are not able to see the truth just because of the perception. If a anyone draws the attention of these ignorant people towards the facts then there is a chance of that mistake not being repeated and in some cases the mistake can be rectified.
Most of the people especially those who buy Tissot Watches or any other Swiss made watch are not aware of some key issues which could make their watch useless.

Most of the watches are rated as resistant to water till 50 meters. This means that under normal condition of getting wet in the rain or water being sprayed on you by mistake the watch should not allow the water inside its body. This is true for the liquid form of water that will flow immediately down your body and not remain stagnant around the watch to percolate into it. On the contrary if you wear the watch and dive or if you wear the watch and enter the steam bath the watch is sure to get spoiled because the water percolates into it because of pressure or in the form of moisture or water vapor. This is sure to cause water damage under the crystal.

Usually it is seen that if you buy Tissot watches from the online store, the authorized dealers do not offer after sales service. If you buy the watch from a authorized dealer then only the Warranty is honored. Since the watch is not bought from the authorized dealer there is no question of honoring the warranty. In this sort of situation a buyer is forced to avail the services of a repairer who is not associated with the company directly. The only negative aspect of this is that if the repairer places any order for the spare parts this order is going to be fulfilled not immediately but will take some time. More over the authorized dealers want to be responsible for the things that are sold through them not through other means of distribution especially the net. Moreover the online retailer may or may not be directly associated with the manufacturer. This does not mean that things should not be bought from the online store but one should take utmost care that the online store is genuine and offering after sales service.

People usually get confused between Swatch and Tissot. The fact is that Swatch is a very big group. This group constitutes of other members such as Blancpain, Breguet, Tiffany, Omega, Rado, Hamilton, Longiness. There are other low tier brand manufacturers who are also the members of this group. This does not mean that all the members are of equal standards. ETA is one of the company’s who manufacturers spare parts of Tissot and Tag Heuer. Now ETA is a member of Swatch and so do Tissot and Tag Heuer. This does not mean that the quality standards of Tissot and Tag Heuer are the same.