July 23, 2024

LightSpeed Abandoned Cart Module helps ecommerce merchants in a great way. It keeps track of shopping cart when products added. It will notify, if the cart is added with products and left abandoned without completing purchase action. This will help to influence remarketing actions like email marketing newsletters to boost sales with offers and promotions individually.

LightSpeed POS Abandoned Cart Module Integration Requirements:
LightSpeed API Developer
LightSpeed Pro or Cloud Version 3.5

How LightSpeed Abandoned Cart benefit ecommerce web store:
When abandoned cart module integrated to LightSpeed Web store by API integration, it is ready to amplify your conversions. Mostly ecommerce customers require reminder to take buying action. Some people usually login to buy a product and add them to cart but leave without completing checkout process for any reason or may be of no reason.

Those customers need little push to complete buying action with Email Marketing. This module lets you Email the dynamic link to preloaded cart with un-bought products. Thus user can just click the link to login automatically for completing the checkout process. This tool is a strong remarketing tool for LightSpeed POS ecommerce web store. This is how it benefits ecommerce by
hooking up personalized marketing.

LightSpeed POS Cart Reporting:
You can get the detailed reports of the logged in users who left the cart abandoned. The tool lets the administrator to download the customer details such as name, age, date of birth, products added to cart, cost of the products etc as CSV. This information helps to send promotional email on their birthdays to bait customers for increasing sales.

Additional LightSpeed POS MailChimp Email Module:
You can create Email and Schedule them by installing MailChimp Email module and also possible to configure SMTP setup to send and receive emails on Gmail or Hotmail as per convenience. This strategy can help in boosting server performance by using the free mail server instead of using applications servers. This can be done either in SSL or TLS to send more secured emails. The LightSpeed web store administrator can send shipping confirmation Emails, invoices email by scheduling them appropriately.

There are multitude of advantages are made available on point of sale systems like LightSpeed Retail POS at these days like Magento. Magento LightSpeed Integration makes everything easier for the ecommerce merchant, as all these modules are available in Magento itself. There are no separate modules required.